Karis Resources is a woman owned business that focuses solely on oil field wastewater disposal and the design and construction of the infrastructure to transport wastewater. Unlike other facilities in the industry, our management team boasts an extensive amount of experience in the saltwater disposal arena. Ms. Pamela Greer and Mr. David Melton have been involved in the saltwater disposal industry for many years and have experience in all areas of the industry - from pipeline infrastructure to water treatment and disposal.

Over the past 10 years, Ms. Greer has honed her expertise in the oil & gas and salt water disposal industries. She has partnered to create a first-of-its-kind pipeline, utilized her network and built reputations on trust and visibility, and improved (or completely developed) processes and systems.

She has touched every aspect of the oil & gas industry, effectively leading operations, finance, projects, sales, and marketing. She has created her own organization from the ground up and worked successfully under the umbrella of others' companies.

In addition to being the former Chief Operating Officer of Greer Exploration (a saltwater disposal company located in East Texas), Mr. Melton was President and CEO of Heckmann Water Resources after its acquisition of Greer Exploration and its related entities in 2009.  In May 2011, Mr. Melton left Heckmann Water Resources to join Ms. Greer at Karis Resources. Since that time, Mr. Melton and Ms. Greer have been solely focused on developing Karis Resources’ disposal business in multiple plays throughout several states.

Management Biographies

Ms. Greer formed Karis Resources, LLC, in 2011 and currently serves as owner and Chief Executive Officer. After attending Texas A&M University, Ms. Greer was self-employed for a number of years before becoming one of the founding members of Charis Partners, LLC while working for Greer Exploration. At Greer Exploration, Ms. Greer spent several years gaining valuable experience in all facets of the salt water disposal industry. She oversaw regulatory filings, accounts receivable, company-customer agreements, and landowner interfacing. She learned operations and administrative processes directly from the president (her father-in-law), and quickly mastered salt water disposal and oil & gas industry skills. While at Greer Exploration, she collaborated with 3 other partners to form Charis Partners and obtain $52M contract from 2 major gas producers in order to construct the first third-party salt water pipeline of its size in United States. The project began with 2-mile pipeline from wells in Joaquin, Texas to gas wells in Louisiana and expanded to a 52-mile pipeline and feeder lines totaling 80 miles. The pipeline is still in use at full capacity today.  In 2009, she joined Heckmann Corporation after its acquisition of Charis Partners and assets of Greer Exploration.  While at Heckmann, she continued to expand her experience and knowledge and began to take on more leadership responsibilities, which lead to the decision for leave Heckmann and form Karis Resources in 2011.

Mr. Melton began his career in the salt water disposal industry with Greer Exploration Company, a Joaquin, Texas based company that owned and operated six salt water disposal wells in the Haynesville Shale area. During his tenure with Greer, Mr. Melton was actively involved in all aspects of Greer’s salt water disposal business, including operations and finances. During his employment with Greer, Mr. Melton founded Charis Partners, LLC. Mr. Melton, along with his partners, drafted and negotiated a series of “take or pay” disposal contracts with several major oil companies for the purpose of transporting and disposing of salt water in a proposed 53 mile saltwater pipeline. Charis was acquired by Heckmann Corporation in 2009.

After the acquisition, Mr. Melton remained with Heckmann Corporation to oversee the operations of Heckmann Water Resources, a subsidiary of Heckmann Corporation, as President and CEO, as well as develop growth strategies for the company. After leaving Heckmann Water Resources, Mr. Melton became President of Karis Resources. As President of Karis Resources, Mr. Melton is actively involved in all aspects of the business. Mr. Melton is currently overseeing the long term business growth model of Karis.

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